His real story.

We all know this tradition but, how many know his origin? No, Halloween’s story didn't begun in USA. It started in Europe more than 3.000 years ago.

Everything began as a Celtic pagan festivity, Samhain, that marked Summer’s and crops season’s end. In this festivity masks were used and bonfires were done to banish bad spirits.

The Celtic druids, with the purpose to cheat the death ones, dress up like spirits and made offerings to keep them happy. This festival had great repercussion in all those places conquered by Celts: Europe’s center, British Islands and the north of Spain. Until 19th century middle, when the great european emigration took place, mostly for catholic Irish, this tradition didn't went to USA.

Halloween as we know it today it’s only a serie of traditions and celebrations evolution that existed since ancient times, but where new elements have been added as years passing.
Therefore, Halloween wasn’t born in USA, but this holiday as we know it nowadays, detached from paganism and directed to buy. Americans were indeed the masters of the adjustment for this festivity.

They created the direct association of the famous pumpkins with candles inside (traditionally were turnips!) up to the 'Trick or Treat' and the whole idea of an happy holiday for adults, children and families.

But here, in Spain, probably unconsciously, we like to celebrate this holiday with terrifying costumes. that, if we look with attention, approaches much more to the real Halloween’s origin.

What do you think about it?


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