The skateboarding is related to surfing, street culture, urban art, to a whole essence that inspire us. But, do you know how and when it was born? In Los Angeles, California, guys. In the 70’s crazy years. In those years extreme sports, like surfing, were booming around the world.

One day, when the waves were shy and didn’t came out, some surfers decided to put wheels in a table piece and get funky surfing in the road. And just like that, they’ve created more than an object but a way to surf in the land. They’ve created the land surfboard.

Foto: © Hugh Holland

Shortly this sport became popular. These “land surfers” started to throw themselves without fear down the roads in descending movements. But, as these tables were poorly handmade, many of them damaged themselves practising it. But it was such a big hit, that several companies detected this big business opportunity and start making skateboards.

This where also dates that Los Angeles suffered a strong drought that forced to empty the swimming pools. Shortly after some boys & kids started “used them as halfpipe.

And it was right here that Alan Gelfand invented Ollie, and this way, marked a very clear separation line between the land surfing and skateboarding. and so it was born a brand new extreme sport full of tricks. Outstanding, isn’t it?


Finally, we can’t forget to mention the great Z-Boys, as for example, Stacey Peralta, Jay Adams and Tony Alva. They were the guys that revolutionized skateboarding and grew up surfing between an aquatic park ruins dropped in their city pier.

In this ghetto named as Dogtown, between Venice Beach and Santa Monica, arises with these boys this sport new age. Skateboarding as we know it.

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