Today, November 9th, it’s the Inventors’ Day.
This day is celebrated every year in this date in honor to all researchers and inventors. The date was proclaimed by the German inventor and businessman Gerhard Muthenthaler, for being Hedy Lamarr’s inventor and engineer date of the birth (November 9, 1914). Among Hedy Lamarr’s vast inventions, there are the following ones very interesting:

  • The switchboard of frequencies.
  • Communication system for radio.
  • The telephony 3G Precursor.
  • Remote control of torpedoes System.
  • The development of the bases for WiFi (with the composer George Antheil).

 On this day, diverse activities related to the inventions are realized, also in some colleges. For example, there is the habit of realize contests in which children have to create something new. Thus, they develop the imagination and start taking curiosity as all that non-existent, yet, but that could be able to exist. 

From Northweek, on this day, we want to do honoring to our founders Alex Huertas and Héctor Rey for their extraordinary ideas, business vision and for discovering the gap on the market for the color personalized sunglasses.



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